Poem of the Day –Planting Chains

Planting chains


High pinched and grappling with lines

Portrayed at levels of dismay, disturbed in seasons

Reasons fluttered heart and spinning mind

Fried in compatible matriarchal service


Pressing shirts with tartan designs

For party going shipping agents

Home for greeting the family friends, with wine and breeze of humour

Needed to break the ice from the broken vessel


Chapped lips peeling like bells at Christmas

Framed in just so corsets strings

Saved from the travelling circus

A tent that lost the elephant


The white one that appeared in the living room

When the guest conversed with the wrong person

And the glass chandelier was shattered

Was in pieces in grandad’s pipe and grandmas pie


Wash it down with luke worm Kestrel

Left over from the boys breaking evening

Where the window became wood

The blue light flashed and carried away the basket


The one with the dream of child

Floating down a river amongst the rushes

Golden light shining in wonder

But now it was blue


June 5th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016






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