Poem of the Day – Climb at Change

Climb at Change


Screening, wind abater, sun captured glasses

Pulling feathers from pillows to rustle up pictures

For rides at the summer fair

Fast ride, fast ride with black and white shoes painted with matchsticks

Picking out candy floss ideas

Sticking out like buns in the pantry


Grab one and suck it until swollen

Grappling, tortured; perhaps supplementing tender belief

Truth hidden in tucked up pyjamas


Young who to be, prancing on the fairy lit sunset

Dribbling chocolate biscuits

Held to long in the tea

Pink billowing from the resting sun; melting soft ice cream

Push the trolley beyond any meaning

Slide until crisp biscuit crumbs are bleeding


With empty pockets explain to the driver; I need home not hardship

Equipped to harness details of witnessed grief

Slipped into the silent sea as was asked for

Lost in Acton by the television screen

Planted in consistently tarnished mirror

A broken memory

A child lost adventure

In hay makers spells

As fragile as wings

As butterflies in the stomach

Gone tomorrow

Flown in by spiders


June 8th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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