Poem of the Day — Missed Point

Missed Point


Cream mist, hanging on sagging green and grey window panes

Rubbed clean with towelling

The dust dripping away, with the passing seasons,

A day to consider, dithering visions of sea and sand.


A slight cool still air lingers, trickling and permeating each breath.

Resting in teams of brown spots left by descendants of streams.

The cavalcade of gathered ruffles, that hold the dress in check.

Grey divots mark the chiselled face that holds a history;

An album of activity in time and volume.


Turned over like a pancake in butter sweet heat and syrup.

To warm the knuckles and cheer the bystanders who wait

For a clean break from the drudgery, of dealing with owing.

As if its all we do; pay back for something that was an illusion

Never happened but carved out in stone

For the sake of another’s hefty bank account


Tracks line up, unused, lined with steamy stained glass apertures opening

With tears for borrowed bundles of bodies

Embracing the opportunity to go through it all again

Smiling eyes not troubled by the future

To believe in the silent truth that can be the seed

The sprouting relief of tension

A beginning, a growth




June 12th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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