Poem of the Day — Mean User

Mean User


Out of source, a conundrum of juxtaposed decisions

Haunting, repeating rhythms, tapping dreams

Moist for addressing shivers

Broken by frozen waters, drawn into troubled answers


Slide in weathered expressions; as tall spires flow and fluctuate

Not to late to cross the turbulent oceans

Rabbits in tunnels, guessing trails towards open avenues

Shrinking into grey obsession


The twinkle of blue eyes suggesting silver and cream slippers

A blind alley whistling; wind gently caressing, addressing sensation

A creation of the mind, flowing in gullies bordered with spoon shaped precision

Crafted for penetrating all kinds of broken promises


Fraught with comfort less, best embrace the filthy tired and forgotten

Trodden on and excruciating

Panting for ease of pressure

A vibrating skull thudding in half soaked cement


Turn to stone

No more philandering

Less than life




June 14th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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