Poem of the Day – Split Asunder

Split Asunder


Statuesque and gracefully dressed

Pressed inside teddy bears torn apart eyes

Sewn in to escape a trance like fiction

A dance of colours

Shining with golden shimmering stars and admirers

Twinkling in the sunset

Flashing yellow and blue hues;

Bellowing pink shadows and ochre winds


A dessert dish served on cracked and tarnished plates

Left over from the burnt down care home

Delivering pizza on steep hill cycles

Balancing payload with sumptuous snacking vagaries

Crushed into submission

Designed to discuss

Papers who, as usual say nothing


Undo a choked margin; from dust and “blind as a bat” boxes

Beat public service with maisonette luncheon samples

In pinched marzipan letters

Basement fractured helmet dripping with liquid margarine

Spread to cover the corners of stale bread pudding baskets

With sugar that dampens heart strings

Singing chaplain who prays on carved up market children


So bash the bay window rotten

Stash the broken glass into shards and make tall buildings

Flatten the argument, while shovelling tea into over sized containers

Like donkeys fed on carrots of gold

No bargain bags for them

No grave for us; just a living death of poison



June 27th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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