Poem of a while ago day — High and Infected

High and Infected


Suspended glass grieving, leaving at last

Cut to the chase; risking cheap broken railings

Chains clever, stuck in teeth

Cogs grinding, reminding many, frightened to learn


Nothing to deserve

Reserve a lampost banging, bumping into the brain

Striving to burst a bubble

Rubble stringent press against the cheek


Seek revenge for soft surf beckoning

A reckoning; a floating release

Treated to carbon dating; hugging shaking free

Exempt alone, a thrown back shivering impression


Fallen star sparkling, tickling frost covered windows twinkling,

With clouds bursting inside; a chasm

A rusty climbing frame heart

Flesh burnt and peeling for painting


Scrawl our names inside lamps light darkness

Spat on for feelings

A melting grimace revealing

Dreams punctured and gleaming


Burst the dark dream in candle lit concern
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee  06/06/2016

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