Poem of before a day — Sloppy Cream

Sloppy Cream


Ice forming on charcoal smelling veranda

Ready for the replete attention of beaks tweeting

Windows aghast refreshing

Notions of sparkling; excepting


Chuck out slapping green shadows

Blue light penetrating, sweeping trees boughs and leaving

Complete with sweet succulent petals flapping

Breeze brushing pink sensual blossom hanging


Lust lush ambivalent twisting streaming dreams in beats

Complete, with just made friends embracing in recognition

A succession of bulging emotions absent forgotten intentions

A hand shake submission


Clutch at moments; exacting enactment out of common understanding

Sent for the rest; a pale grey acceptance

Pleased to crush the resentment

Bury the past and viscous indictment


Last breath spent from perilous monster

Stabbed and burnt to ensure safety

Gone to the world


Copyright Patrick Turner-lee 05/06/2016



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