Poem for Chap — Blinked in Silence

Blinked in Silence


Trespass on a hedge line, a fun day for beastly behaviour

Slaughtered tongues are drawn to a close

No freedom in hatred;

A backed up sewer with nowhere to go


Fickle ring holding, pickle jar pincher

A small fry in vinegar wine;

A sour tasting reality

A travesty,


No use for tissues,

Salty waves of mystery lash the shores of timeless sorrow

Tack down sweat, on the windy cliff face of death


Deep dark, no candle can breathe, suffocated by the horror

Babies roast on pick shovels

Left for scavengers

Melting meat for maggots


Lost or forgotten


January 8th 2015 re write July 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016


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