Poem of the day – Stuff Done

Stuff Done


Choice, broken silence: temper tantrum

Drum banging head against a wall

Walk tall


Inspect a perfect tear

Rolling on a cheek

Don’t panic


Walk a rope brittle and tight

A baking roll


Air pushing sacks, and blood squeezing bags

Pant in disbelief


To find a dream

With the news

A definition of grief


Placid aggression in turn disturbing the inner life

A knife cutting

Just cutting soft white

In fear and flight

Truth in shreds, in tatters

What matters


Pile on an embellished crescent moon shine

Burden the spirit

Folding a measure of dread

A thread to hold together


Forgive and start from the bottom

Live for the detail



Sept 4th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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