Poem of the Day – Gold On

Gold on


Pluck free; seemingly pleased with greeting

As a flame stutters in the shadows

Corrosive glance shatters the silence

As a blink dreams, shivering reflections

Mirror to the inside palate

A taste for shining


Cross the stony packed courtyard in slippers

Smile in spite of covering stains in pyjamas


Feather brushing bricks; tiles cooling tempers

Sweet syrup dripping sugar covered blankets


To view an horizon in aspects

Muster a conversation

Inhibit the measured existence


Screwed up tissue lying smothered in the chair

Crushed cinnamon pods scattered in the cradle

Best left: an argument for daytime telly

Smelly in the toilet, the heat is rising


Embrace the cool indifferent acceptance

Drool at the prospect of the downfall of another

Crumble biscuits to feed birds

Let them fry


Bevelled landscape just falls

Into the sea



Sept 11th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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