Poem of the Day – Eagle Burst

Eagle Burst


Balsa wood granular tea-time break

For the sake of pendulum swinging ideas

Fears flourish in gardens of pleasure

Stretched in dawns crimson rising

Plants in tandem shadows growing


Flatten functions and bleeding prisms

Flashing colours on daydreams

A seamless passion, puckered lips;

Feathered friends: puffed up feelings;

Stealing hearts, breaking boundaries


Cracked on visions, vacant lot dust blowing bushes

Pillion passengers dragging behind falling windows


Smiling at customers in plain light

Flying in burst balloon flapping cabin

As the world departs

A beat losing breath


Sold to the governess

For stinking political pyjamas

Leaping into wild scavanging rage

Its lost


Tossed overboard into the crashing waves

Gasping for friends

Baled out into loneliness

A last chance attachment broken at last



Sept 18th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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