Poem of the Day — Strapped Details

Strapped Details


Cleverly placed bathroom scale heavy

Rattling when we move; indeed wobble squeak

A creeping dripping sensation from toes to nasal cavity

Rarity in comfort as burning shards of memories shatter the silence


Blistering toes burst and breath pain in and out

About to scream intention


Talking with whispers in waters boiling

Broken splintered; spilled in bins

Real time disgust flashing in tandem


Grate to reduce, inflame and discover

A game to chance: a stretch for forgiveness

Spent by expectant chancers

Rivalled only by dark bursting clouds

Banging against a curved tin roof


Walking past; aloof, away with cracked screen comments

Buckets of tears flowing from broken promises

Made on behalf of no one in particular

Just feels like a compromise


Build a wall

Climb a building

See the view

Contemplate leaving


October 17th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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