Poem of the Day — Parking Devout



Parking Devout


Ragged patchwork strapped and pricked by severed fingernails

A clamp secured in prison

Locking decisions failing in genuine sincerity

Given to trusting waiting games.


Slush dribbling; soaking ankles

A sweet mix for gabbling well wishers

Hopping mad with indignant shiny black shoes


A lapse in concentration; a black and dusty alleyway

Hold onto your performance piece; undress the contempt of cynical poachers


Rigging shirt tail logic; black bow ties

Grabbing thoughts before they’re bandaged

Crash land for a taste of reality


Cut into bite size jelly

Thrust the pen tube lightly

With time allowed for choking


Bin full of cash to bomb the building.

Slit the servile from the clipped precision

Jam the steel in vein to suck the white cells for prejudice


Frack the kidneys to cover up for mechanised overhaul.

Bang the sleeper into slitting stomach cramps

Vibrating arteries mix and match the pompous deceiver

The malice in cassock tight and trouser stained innocence.


Bury the pretty flowers in death traced songs

While practising your scales

Tune up your instrument don’t tune yourself down

Plucking the seeds of trumpet spit.

The shake in a bottle breaks the sound chariot


A dark cloister gang genocide

Destroy the deal in hindsight

An orchard of lies

Cropped with a chainsaw


December 4th 2016

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee









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