Poem of the Day – Trapped in Schism

Trapped in Schism


Secret held in clever folding paper sleeves

Only skin deep perception


A steep climb to leaving;

Just afloat

In the same boat: roasting pain in scribbled vision

Doting on a furry fortress of depression

The next one in season.


Fine art tea fashion

Served in slim china cups;

Delivered by a lasting presence

Seen to be a shiny suit reflection

In statues thrust before your eyes.


A shoe shape shifting mastication; unpick the two lessons on the shelf

Theft of reason; an attempt to squeeze soft fruit into fizzed up water

Didn’t aught to drink from another person’s slipper

As bad as a kipper that was left out of the fridge

Frozen in test tube division


A pressed on cuff link

To look like gold

To the one that has been bold

Enough to question


February 19th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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