Poem of the day -Round the Oval

Round the Oval


Greased tin

Silver tongue soliloquies;

Wrapped around a vowel to spur on the empty headed

An assertive enquiry from the lift attendant.


Spiky shoes, clicking in sharp and penetrating tones.

Typed on headed note paper the incumbent briskly explained the falsehood of relativity:

Extremities frozen by cellular collision with winter’s finger

Don’t linger or lose your parts;


Hearts colliding anguish

Belting out songs of the fading candles

Flickering in tune with the wind

Ascend the choking breath broken hell

Soaking in sweat and dreaming of floating not dead not alive

Tied together with similar intention

The others bray in frustration


Lost again another opportunity

Through empty fingers like freshly ground pepper

A step up from the treatment room

With chairs made of fake treasures

To welcome the fellow travellers


Lost in transit from the other planet

Where beings have learnt to accept acceptance


February 21st 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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