Poem of the Day – Blazing Grey

Blazing Grey


Banked up buildings of soaking sand

Crumble in warm shallow pools of crushed ideas

A mere step away from the edge of the cliff

As a cormorant circles concerned of nothing in heights

A sight for the red veins bulging in tears

Fears rising; and a lonely tale.


Set sail for the waves below

A slow decision flashing in frozen cheek dismay

Stay a little, begins to win

After all the spray is exhilarating and the outburst a relief


Golden spinning webs cover the grass,

Ask for no more confirmation that the break in time has given

Living for shapes and sizes


Emotion arises from stale and muddy waters

To survive a disaster

Last a little longer

On time for a given question

The next one trembling on parched lips

Is spoken


March 29th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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