Poem of the Day – Absolute



Freezing, captured; falling for a crest of a wave

To stay: in wind curling white as the crinkled lace curtain flutters

Stained with yellow time

Felled because the inside is rotten

Forgotten the impact of a decision


Lost family crying in shark fin scheme

To thin to bite the sorrow that flows from shaking legs

To grey to be bright and forgiving.


Scalding; burnt to a crisp

The long list rolls from the red roar lips

Glistening with lather left from behaving

Raving and solace only in shivering lids

Lashes dripping with hot flushes


Diary torn and tattered

Did it matter

Why do I worry: refusing to sleep

Keep on recounting the bashful moments

Before the sun went down

A burst in the door moment

A heart beat lost; never to be found


A sound: a gentle shoulder to cry on

How comes

How deep


April 27th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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