Poem of the day – Tickled Ink

Tickled Ink


Checked and crusty; wrapped in foil

Lining the out of body experience

In certain decision making appearance

We part in heart breaking silence


Agreed sadness

Seems like madness; a less than favoured vision

A conflict

Strict in resolution;

Just a seed for further resentment

Sent as a test for further greetings

Seeking to sink higher in reasons


Deny the feelings

Skin peeling: as acid burns beginnings

Singing in crippling pain and doubt

Without a purpose:

Losing friends


Enrich the window with flowers

In the hours passing

Lasting for just a second

After the light is hidden

In dust

With rusty chains rattling

The gate is closing

The day is lost

Tossed into the confusion

Burnt in the oven

With mistakes





May 14th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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