Poem of the Day – AHTUF PATROL



Stale crusts, broken from edges of time:

Dry ripped and bitten.


Sitting in windows bleating

Whistling tunes to bar telling salesmen

Selling chisels for cleverly accounting wizards.

Scraping juice frozen on glass topped mountains.

Surfaces shadowed in unison

Grown in purple showrooms

Assuming a different identity

A pity they didn’t strum in party clothes


A nose for a different reality

To summon up jewels sharp and shining

Sent to the glazed eye, of a moment passing.

Swinging in time with saliva flavoured gestures


Cordon of the area for the bull in charge is prancing

Lancing boiling water with whisky crisps

Grabbing bleeding tendons in stained tissues

A misuse of borrowed sessions


Chuckle at the silver buckled boots

Made with the skin of a plastic donkey

Free of natural colours


Delivery of new notions and reasons

Seasons changing in the moment

Stories made up in the meantime


Still in the middle of believing

Conceiving forgotten dreams to remember

Climb through the tunnel

To breath the air

To rest in charmed endeavours



May 21st 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


One Reply to “Poem of the Day – AHTUF PATROL”

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