Poem of the Day – Ahtuf Kontrol



Feeling, swimming; entering an instinct


Polished glass chipped in fathoms

Chasms deep; dark and missing


Uncovering dreamt moments passing

Gloves off

Knuckles dusted

Powder fluff crumbles in thoughts and crazes


Feather floats and flutters in bucolic blowing pistons

Sowing seeds of recognition

Cognition growing old with further reading


Conceding to windows

Broken distance

A calm but turgid river flowing

Going into gullies

Chosen in gravity’s compassion.


Down to the fallen question

Smothers moth eaten shambles

Crumbling in sequence


Pretend to cover in silver

Shimmering in reflection.


Explain the spreading shadow

With words

With pictures

With stories of untold futures


Walk in; out of the cold wind shallow breathing

Crawl beneath the blanket

Sink to rise in matching costume

The one that we saved for our holiday

In the pyramid

In the casket





May 22nd 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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