Poem of the Day – Parked Open

Parked Open


Scalpel drawn in cut window seat

Completing the blood slit treat

Spending whisky a go go dancing decibels and burger bar banter


Encounter with jay birds talking with muscles in their minds

Flexed in time with heartbeats


Shallow challenge to depth charge meeting

Seating arranged in gallows

Charged explanation from a smartly dressed salesman

Bought with creamy biscuits to dip in

Seen to be a waster


Craggy faced cliff crumbles into acid sea

On TV the finish of a fable

Cradled in tears as she fails to cross the line

Fine in theory but lacks lustre in trauma


Bark torn from tree to end its disease

Not to spread any more the torture of lessons not learnt

Burnt in the fire of reason

A season for finishing

Inclined to an ending

Sending gifts to the galleons

Sunk not drawn

Like water



June 11th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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