Poem of the Day – Practical Battle

Practical Battle


Dug out and about: in town: in trunks

Bevelled sequinned suits:

Shining in sun day best

A request for a leaving party; as glasses break in two,

Or three. To many to count.


The crippled spiders

Hanging from legs

From dancing boats in rivers

Sliding down slippery ideas

Spears sharpened for the debate.


Captured soldiers

All dressed up for candles

A different life to their captors


Matter of fact answers

Drained like blood from a blind spot

Hot in dreams: dripping

Sipping green chartreuse

Burning bridges built in the teeth of victims.


Schemes invented to avoid the problem

To crush the idea of entrapment

It seems the waves crash;

Flashing in vulgar repetition


Swimming in jeans to protect poisonous jelly fish

From what

Being eaten

Or photographed by fishes




July 2nd 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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