Poem of the Day – Talking dripping riddles

Talking dripping riddles


Flash photography is driven:

Reflecting black window vehicles

Cynical plywood fantasies wouldn’t be an issue

As tissue damp with rain from broken gutter spreads mustard seeds burning.


Foil wrapped sausage in fire

Higher than purple rain puddles

Entitled to a rematch; just bored of athletes intent on strength not beauty

Astute as he is: she is


Spread imperfect dreams

It seems that loving muscle;

A hustle; a media scream


A crow sat on the post

Devil you know

Telling of misfortune


A shoe in the fire

Blown out of the courtyard

It’s hard to believe that the bodies are still making

Themselves time and time again

When the strain is growing.


Stillborn to begin



A meeting tomorrow.





July 13th 2017


Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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