Poem of the Day – Chapel Creak

Chapel Creak


Bagged up belief; crushed in ice

Breaking light; an opening door

A law to itself; bulging and squeezing

Certain not pleasing; growing in the water


An emotion troubled by turning knots into fibre

Sick of the feeling of torment and ossification

Based on an illusion.


Flocks of torn paper cranes drifting above the fire

An entire window choking with smoke filled ashtrays


Consider the wind to blow the leaves from branches

All the well meant children taking different stances

Depending on their position

Of survival

In the playground of cities

They drive through traffic lights flashing

Cashing in on the comments

Smashing into tenements


Crushed together in high rise feelings

Stealing the limelight from a forgotten dream

It seems the sea will swallow up the poison


A choice of friends

A gathering of parties

Smothered in pale pink pillows

Dressed in sequins they lead the last dance.


July 30th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright



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