Read Poetry: Heroin, by Aylana St Luce

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The blurred vision through cigarette smoke
And the slurred reaction of alcohol.
The art told on bodies,
Where lines and stories intertwine.
Where reality and fantasy keep together to close proximities.
The bodily fluid that are shared
The connection of strangers who don’t know the names of their guest.
Where I lose myself
Where “you” is just a meaningless word
and we soon become one, merged by the push of a wand.
My body somehow found itself lost
And I can feel the precision of your presence on my mind.
I no longer see the world I once was a part of.
You’re toxic tongue has influenced me towards the dark end of a never ending trail.
Somehow I’ve found serenity by the deck of cards that love has gambled in my system.
I am in love.
I am at peace.


* * * *

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