Poem of the Day – Jagged Hedges

Jagged Hedges



Scarred tissue an issue for the mother

Another scandal to handle; dismantle


Educated in bath tubs

Bubbles in dreams:

Smothered in salty creams

To scrape the dirt from torn skin

Fiercely embattled;


Dead soul in half drunk muscle

Crushed in fire dust detail


Shattered frost filled vessel

Empty and pardons given;

Striven even harder than the day before

To ignore the broken promise


Shaped by moving windows

Left open to crack a passing head


A nation of sick

Tricked into believing the sordid linen stains:

Stinging, in bashed up motors.


Token of a time gone by

A lost treasure

A measure of the lies; complicity in bereavement


Sobbing into buckets of remembered dreams

The nuclear family; blown up out of all proportion

The first generation to notice

Its man eating flies.


September 6th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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