Poem of the Day- Spreading Dresses

Spreading Dresses


Fleeced by shaven heads; beating drums, pumping hearts.

Apart from chilled skin; frayed cloth flaps in the wind,

Skinned alive like burning caverns: cracked open by the heat.


Meet the bear; tearing flesh from bones.

Stones thrown to capture attention

Not to mention the cat calls from the scaffold.


Get me down they say; or are they gasping for air

Not caring for heights myself I stand in awe

Thrashing about, like a stolen building.


Stashing the loot in a barmaids clothing

Boots that zip up on the side

Not laces like my beaten up shoes

What a to do that would turn out to be.

Churned up like a mixed up salad; with dressing to ease the pain

No chains holding me down

How the arms are aching

From the beating

Retreating until falling backwards onto my side

Collide with reason

Forget the logic

Bury the past in feathered pillows

And questions


October 7th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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