Poem of the Day – Practical Attack – An Xmas Party

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Practical Attack – An Xmas Party


Frozen incense, standing at angles

Tangles of belied illusions, confusions utter exclusion

From perilous shores the stones rattling in jars

Metal bars chilled in bitter windswept seasons

Feeding on built up lies

Ties to the past; falling in shards of glass

Piercing the heart

Just a part of the pain:


Popping pills to keep your head above water

Know we didn’t ought to

Strength in saying the clothes they wore are beastly

Cheap to me, trousers with tears running down the cheeks

Steeped in broken dreams

Patched up with crazy paving stones

All alone: enough to drive anyone to drink


A party left for a paper cloth covered in chunks of warm pineapple

As the juice runs between the cracks in the floor

To much more and the end will be the finish of the general feeling.


Stealing away for a late night snack

Attack the germs of doubt

Why the hell did I bother to go out.


December 19th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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