Patrick Turner-Lee

Background as an artist?

My background is an interesting journey. When I was young I wanted to be an actor and tried unsuccessfully to get a place in a drama school. I wasn’t the best at reaching out for support and also found rejection very hard.

Of course most people do. I moved from my home town in Bognor Regis to London and met the practise of Nichiren Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai International.SGI-UK I was involved in a big show at the Hammersmith Odeon about  Alice in Wonderland and this gave me confidence to have another go at challenging deep feelings of rejection.


Anyhow I ended up doing some work in Tottenham Court road on the Comedy circuit and then went to Sydney Australia for a while where I worked with a Chinese Dance company doing improvised music in experimental improv dance sessions.

I also learnt a bit about working with masks and brought this back to the UK. Of course I was young and not brilliantly organised. I moved to Brighton in 1988 in view of doing workshops around mask performance work.

Family and Job

Then everything changed: I got a mortgage, bought a flat, met my wife and to support this worked at Royal Mail first as a postman then later as a manager.

Then 26 years later in 2013 on Xmas day I had a heart attack. During my recovery period I started drawing and much to my surprise started to make real progress with it.

I researched and self taught myself oil pastels and Watercolours but in October 2014 found oil painting. It’s been extraordinary. I feel that I have painted all of my life and constantly amaze myself at what I am painting.

Since October 2014 I have been building up expertise and working with other media. Whilst performing live as a musician I have also completed a number of acrylic on board pieces. I have found being out and about really encouraging and invigorating creatively.


During 2015 I exhibited at Chilstone of Tunbridge Wells with Vanessa Clark a friend and wedding photographer as well as being a contemporary artist.

I also exhibited in The Old Boat Community Centre Hollingbury for nearly a year. This was a great opportunity to see my work in the open and get feedback

Later in the year a couple of my works were exhibited in Lewes United fund raising exhibition

In December 2015 I had an exhibition at Taplow Court Taplow Court one of the national centres for Nichiren Buddhism as practised by the Soka Gakkai International.


In November 2015 I formed PTL Paintings and Framing. In February I had a training session with DIY Framing and in March secured a Studio at 42a Providence Place Brighton

Since then I have been framing work for artists and friends


4 Replies to “Patrick Turner-Lee”

  1. Nice story wow you have lived the arts. Cool to be following you, to be honest I thought you were female. Interesting chap good luck with the exhibition your oils look like they dance with the light.

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