The Eternal Distance rewrite – Episode 6

Although the story sort of stands on its own please check out Episode 1 to 5. This is the fourth draft now and I am trying to polish the story telling. Thanks for looking any comments at all would be really helpful

Many thanks oh and I know it is hard to read lots when browsing so only if it grabs you !!


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Then wallop; it felt like he was pulled really fast, no form, jelly-like, amorphous, no breathing, just am, just being, just many but few, terrible and amazing then bang, back on the train clickety-clack clickety-clack.

Jess sobbed real hard; he was on his own in the same place he had been, grey day looking out the window. He remembered his brother, mum and dad but who was he now, was this a dream. His life had gone from boring to bizarre, the train rocked heavily on the tracks and a huge clap of thunder quickly followed a blinding flash. Jess staggered to the nearby toilet and was violently sick, the train rocked the thunder clapped the lightning flashed. When his stomach calmed down and after minutes of contemplating the metal tube of a toilet, wondering how and where his innards and been transported; Jess returned to his seat. His phone rang at first he didn’t want to answer it. Continue reading “The Eternal Distance rewrite – Episode 6”

The Eternal Distance – EPISODE 5



Jess was a bit worried what might come out even if he did try to say anything. He had been told to rest and so kept quiet as a preferred option.

Thing is you might find this a bit hard to believe, but it’s time you understood what’s happened.” Suddenly the man who had been accompanying him rushed into the garden and quickly and forcefully interrupted, “Just hold on there General, the boy’s just come home. Please give him sometime to recover he hasn’t even managed to speak yet.” Jess felt pleased he had kept silent. Also he was beginning to have some feelings about this guy. He didn’t know what they were apart from some sort of recognition. Continue reading “The Eternal Distance – EPISODE 5”

The Eternal Distance – Episode 4


Episode 4

Jess, wake up, we’re nearly home.” He felt a seat belt pulling at his arm. Plantain trees lined a green sunny wide road with massive houses set back behind the trees. There was that man again. The memories of the hospital came back to Jess and the familiarity of the young man next to him.

He was kind of gob smacked as he looked up and saw the sun streaming through iridescent sumptuous green leaves. His concious mind was still registering greyness and storms; again he was struggling to grasp the situation but at the same time was not afraid. The branches of the trees created a cool tunnel, passing through the scorching and rich residential landscape. Continue reading “The Eternal Distance – Episode 4”

Eternal Distance – Episode 3

Continuing the new draft I am attempting to make more sense. MMMMM not easy


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TRING TRING TRING TRING TRING TRING TRING ……. Jess shook as the alarm clock was rattling in his senses. He clambered out of the chair and staggered towards it. The 1950’s style Alarm clock with two bells on the top of it, was placed far enough away to make him get out of bed. Jess got out the chair and without thinking, hit the clock and went straight into the shower. His bathroom didn’t have a bath. There was a shared one down the hallway, but at least his room had a shower, some of them didn’t. Continue reading “Eternal Distance – Episode 3”

The Eternal Distance Episode 2 Spiral

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TRING TRING TRING TRING, the alarm bell clattered as Jess jumped in his seat. His heart fluttered and his throat was dry. He felt giddy as he clambered out of the chair he so often found himself asleep in. Rubbing grit from his sticky eyes; he staggered towards the retro, wind up alarm clock. It was strategically placed on the far side of his flock wall papered dingy den. He put it there to get him out of bed.

Jess was not a morning lover or even early afternoon. Some days he had stayed in this room isolating himself. The whole situation had got out of control, that was why he was leaving. His sister Gabby had suggested it to him. Continue reading “The Eternal Distance Episode 2 Spiral”

Ongoing Series- The Eternal Distance Ch 10 part 3 OLD SCHOOL

CHAPTER10 part 3– Old School

Jackie stepped down the old dingy staircase. She didn’t like cleaning much. The net curtains clung to the light blue, slightly rotten always clammy window frame. A misty damp aroma filled the small scullery. That’s what she called it; old timer with old descriptions. Well she wasn’t really that old but her wrinkles and gait gave an impression of a much older woman than she actually was.
Continue reading “Ongoing Series- The Eternal Distance Ch 10 part 3 OLD SCHOOL”

Series Ongoing Story — Chapter 10 part 2 Emotional Shedding

Tom and Jane were still together. A team it seemed. They felt this was part of the plan: man and woman after all were how humanity had developed or procreated at least. So many fineries and complexities on the way but basically the union between man and woman had generally seen the blue planet become inundated with thinking beings Of course all sort of reason for this had been contrived through different philosophies. Continue reading “Series Ongoing Story — Chapter 10 part 2 Emotional Shedding”