David Bowie
Sold to a private collection in London


Jimi This is the end of time
Oil on Canvas 20in by 24in



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Photography    Nina Andrious                               with                         PTL paintings

At Ramsgate Art Company Gallery

PV on 26th November           Cards, postcards and Giclee Prints for sale too


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More work with a couple from the up an coming Ramsgate exhibition at the end of November

Pinch Moon
Morning Heart
Ramsgate Marina
Ramsgate Harbour
Dave Grohl Commision sold





Time to freshen up the studio. Make better use of the space. Nobody is going to do it for me. Stay fresh


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A great few weeks following the Jubilee exhibition. Agreed to another exhibition for 2 weeks in the Jubilee in February 2017.

Sold “Serene Sails” to my new friends in Milan. Also completed a painting now called “Feelings all at Sea” that was sold to friends in Horley. Two paintings now hanging in the Trinity Café Bar for the month of October with the creatives group.

And on October 1st a night at BEEP in Brighton and a bit of work in the studio to shape up saw the birth of four more paintings on plywood in acrylics


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Since Jubilee Exhibition another painting is on its way to Milan in a private collection Serene Sails is my first shipment abroad. Now I have a painting in Washington DC and will have two paintings in Milan Italy

Been putting brush and heart to work in the studio with renewed vigour.


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Jubilee Library exhibition a first solo and successful exhibition

Aims :

To Learn

  • How people respond to my work
  • How to set up an exhibition that is engaging
  • Build up an understanding of the strengths and weakness in my work


  • Great response to all of my work. Moving it around really helps
  • Next time I need to have cards and more prints
  • Consult about the prints before they are printed ie contrast etc
  • Great feedback around presentation of prints and framed work
  • Amazing managed to sell 6 paintings.

Great venue for my type of work


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Fine tuning the day on Sunday the 14th


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Ok the Launch of AHTUF KONTROL the umbrella creative overcoat of PTL paintings meets Art Lady with illustration Poems

On the painting side a project appears. The three magnificent musicians who have influenced my very existence and their creative genius has moved me to paint them.

So the first challenge is MILES DAVIS. As always the first step is getting over myself and my fears at never being able to paint him.

I am now moving onto Wayne Shorter using a difficult full on image.

And finally when I have achieved these guys it will be Herbie Hancock with another to the side view

So this will be on show at Jubilee Library Brighton 15th August to 21st with other PTL work and the collaborative project with Eve Turner-Lee aka Art Lady. Maybe we will have a bit of performance with the Mike Turner-Lee dance performance with AHTUF KONTROL




Current Projects

I have started to start on portrait work after a break whilst organising my studio


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Latest photographed paintings


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4. Brighton Timeless Seafront

On the 30th November PTL Painting is launched

An exhibition at Taplow Court near Maidenhead is the cause for focus on art as a business for me

Some of the pictures on exhibition  : and some shots of the showing


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