After a break in the spring of 2017. I am pleased to be back onto framing. With new investment in a mitre trimmer I started with some beautiful prints by Lucy Lee and Jed

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More work ongoing as I attempt the making of a display cabinet. Also some work on Japanese calligraphy with black core gold and a beautiful silk with cranes with blue goose and double mount background. Must complete by 23rd Sept

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Projects have started since moving into the Studio in Brighton from the beginning of March 2016

Small projects are proving to be exciting with a piece completed for Lola Normal who currently lives in Brighton. She is planning to move back to Cork, Eire shortly and will take the beautiful artwork with her.

Through the process we had a meeting and I asked her to choose the moulding from Arquadia. I then followed her wishes completing the frame in the week


Lola Normal then placed the piece in a month long exhibition at Brushes gallery in Church Street Brighton


Two Acrylic on paper with single mountboard and framed in NFG glass with Arqadia mouldings by the great artist Dinah Morgan from Lewes and two figurative works on white float type frame. These are painted on canvas board. The white background really effective with the bold Acrylic colours

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First task was to present a large 8ft Charcoal drawing ready for exhibiting.

The first challenge was the size of the piece. To make this manageable I decided to use canvas as a background with wooden slats to hold it in place with larger pieces at the top and bottom to allow the piece to hang correctly.

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My next task was to mount present and frame a smaller piece again ready for exhibition

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